LifeCare Wellness Program - 2,000 Points

LifeCare is a wellness reimbursement program. LifeCare reduces your costs or those of a family member for medical, dental, or eye exams, health screenings, tests or procedures, even fitness center/gym memberships in $10 increments. Following a visit to a medical facility, retain a copy of the post-insurance invoice (or fitness center/gym membership invoice). Then, order your certificate here – LifeStream will mail it to you right away. When you receive the voucher, mail it with your invoice to LifeStream. You will not receive cash reimbursement. Rather, LifeStream will send a check in the amount of the voucher to the medical office (or fitness center) with instructions it be applied to the balance. You will receive a copy of the check as proof of payment. Please note that no cash or credit is given for any unused portion of the voucher. If the voucher exceeds the amount due, the remainder of the voucher is forfeited.

2,000 Points